Colonel Ralston Design Sheet

The assignment for folks doing a mentorship with me this month surrounds creating a character design to neatly present as something for their portfolio. It was also an opportunity for me to make an example, but also give face to our most anticipated antagonist of the first arc in Drums of Atelaer's story.

When I first imagined this character, I couldn't help but be inspired by Jason Isaacs's portrayal of Colonel William Tavington in the Patriot - not because The Patriot was a historically accurate movie by any means, but because he was a fantastically written asshole character. We're not sure just how far Ralston will go to achieve his goals. But we can say one thing: He is extremely proud of his homeland and heritage. It may even drive him into some dark places.

I wanted his silhouette to suggest he's well-trained in warfare, prides his superiority, and is even willing to play dirty. And in typical 'bad guy' fashion, he needed to be attractive too.

March 30, 2020