Rise to Fight: Drums of Atelaer Music Album Cover

I painted this album cover for a music piece made for Drums of Atelaer.
The song can be heard here! https://youtu.be/wiTw5jcTs2Q

Since Drums of Atelaer is largely inspired by 18th century aesthetics & technology, we thought it would only be fitting to have the theme song incorporate elements of the English/Celtic blend heard around the turn of the century in Colonial America with a dash of sea-shanty.

Rise to Fight has become the anthem of the Colonial Rebellion in Atelaer and can be heard everywhere from campfires to taverns. (Think of it like the notoriety of Amazing Grace in real history). The chorus is even drummed by some colonial regiments on battlefields, and because of its oral distribution, many communities have adapted their own words to some of the verses.

January 22, 2020