Drums of Atelaer, The White Alchemist

The cover & Promotional art I did for volume 1 of Drums of Atelaer, The White Alchemist.

“Four years into a war between the Pracis Empire and the rebellion of its colonies, the inhabitants of Atelaer fight for their liberty and sovereignty from his majesty’s unjust acquisition of resources. Adrian, healer and devoted alchemist to the Empire is determined to take no sides in the war brewing around him. However, the chaos is made undeniable reality when he is captured by the rebellion’s most notorious Colonel, Francis “Fia” Emberfell. Forced to contend with the world beyond his carefully architected peace, Adrian must choose a side, as he faces down a war and even more fraught– his heart.”

Drums of Atelaer is an epic LGBTQA+ inclusive flintlock fantasy written by the collaboration of myself and Nox. Chapters are updated monthly and are available for early release on Patreon. Please consider supporting the project!


July 25, 2018