Rates & Commission Information


General Contract Rates

Character / Prop Vignette $250+
Spot Illustration $350+
Card Illustration, 1 character: $500+
Scene Illustration, 1 character (full page): $750+
Book Cover:  $1200+

Rates listed are basic with general options. Every quote is customized for your project.

If you have a query for a large project or a contract opportunity, please feel free to reach out directly and inquire at any time! Email me for business inquiries only at mbrackettart@gmail.com . My ability to take your project will depend on my availability & scale of the project.

Private Commissions

  • Private commissions will ONLY be offered to patreon supporters. 
  • Openings are based on how free I am outside of contract work and are at random. I do not keep a wait-list. Join my community Discord server for announcements or consider supporting me on patreon for openings.
  • Prices match contract rates and will be listed when specific commission openings are posted. 
  • My monthly queue will be accessible to your viewing via my Trello.
  • Submitting a form does not guarantee you a spot. Only fully completed forms will be accepted for consideration. 
  • I take only a certain number of commissions per month to maintain a healthy and efficient turnaround. Commissions are chosen by my interest in the project, how clearly the client's information is provided on the form, and how the project fits in the production schedule.
  • Commission proposals that qualify as pornographic, discriminatory or hateful will not be accepted.
  • For more information about how payments are handled, expectations on revisions, etc. please review my Terms of Service.